Andrew Winch grew up sailing on the south coast of England. He started sailing in dinghies and then progressed up to boats ranging in size from 23ft to 50ft. After school, he studied 3D design and began what has proven to be a highly successful career. He’s combined his love of design and sailing with large-scale design projects in aviation, and architecture that include everything from furniture and carpet design down to china and linen design too.


Jeanneau 64 Saloon

But just like Philippe Briand–his co-collaborator on the new Jeanneau 64 that I wrote about earlier–he got his start designing interiors for Jeanneau. In both cases, these world-renowned designers have returned to their roots, and the results are speak for themselves.


Jeanneau 64 nav station

While I saw the boat being built, and have written the story that’ll appear in a future issue of SAIL Magazine, Andrew had more to say about the Jeanneau 64 project than there was room for in the story, so I’m pleased share the rest of my interview with him here.

On how the Jeanneau 64 design evolved over time

“Working on the Jeanneau 64 was an exciting project that allowed our London based studio to set a new benchmark of luxury design in production yachts. Andrew Winch Designs had a clear brief to create an exquisite yacht that incorporated meticulous attention to detail, the highest quality and style as well as carefully considered space planning for comfortable living to all those onboard.


Jeanneau 64 Forward Cabin

“Following careful research, we elected to follow an architecturally tight approach. The result, is a beautifully proportioned and detailed interior that can be executed in production form to high standards of finish.”

On how did the Jeanneau 64 project differed from the other yacht interiors he and his studio has designed

“As a studio, we design every element of each project – from the yacht exterior to the interior arrangement and full decorative package, including furniture, carpets, crockery and china. This level of detail and dedication has resulted in the most luxurious and individual super yacht projects.


The Jeanneau 64 got the same super yacht treatment that other Winch designs receive like the 140-foot Cyclos III.

“Designing a yacht for a wider market presented a new and exciting opportunity. Ensuring the exterior design by Briand and the interior design by Andrew Winch Designs work seamlessly together was vital to the success of the yacht.  While the flexibility of the interior arrangements was essential so that owners can configure the design to their exacting requirements.”

On the most interesting design challenge that he and his team had to overcome 

“We decided to create a master suite aft to benefit from the beam space afforded to us by the Briand design. Traditionally placing a cabin under the aft cockpit may compromise headroom and encroach on space within a yacht. However, with careful consideration we were able to create a large aft cabin that offers unrivalled space.


The spacious aft cabin on the Jeanneau 64.

“During the design process, when the master suite was drawn, a full-scale 3-Dimensional mock-up of the interior space was built at Jeanneau.  This allowed all design teams to review and optimise the shapes and spaces. This level of research has resulted in a great design, of which we are all very proud.”

On the element of the design he’s most proud of

“When designing a bespoke [custom] yacht it is essential to listen carefully to our clients.  Only then will we appreciate the complexities of their lives and their tastes.  A detailed understanding is vital to the success of each project and the creation individual yachts that are tailored to exact lifestyle of each owner.


The 110-foot INOUI was another project Andrew’s studio worked on with Philippe Briand.

“In the instance of the Jeanneau 64, we approached the design with multiple owners tastes and requirements in mind. I am immensely proud of the variables and flexibility the Jeanneau 64 offers.  Our team has designed multiple configurations that will appeal to a variety of clients. With a wide variety of excellent quality fixtures and fittings, the Jeanneau 64 will feel like a bespoke [custom] yacht.”

On working with Philippe Briand’s team

“Philippe and I have been friends for many years and I admire his work. With a shared passion for design and sailing it was a great pleasure working with both Philippe and his team. The Jeanneau 64 combines the design, detail and quality of a Winch designed yacht interior with a sleek, modern exterior designed by Briand and his team.  Beautifully executed, the Jeanneau 64 will bring enormous pleasure to future owner’s offering both the ultimate in performance and lifestyle.”

Who wouldn’t want a yacht interior that’s designed by the same firm that designs interior forprivate 787’s? Talk about flying in style!


Dinner is served on your private 787!

By Bill Springer from Swizzle Sport Media