NEW Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 photos

What a fantastic looking boat with some simple and clever features. I WANT ONE!!!

Sailing features:

  • Raised deck thimble – Simple and clever idea to allow for better control over the headsail.
  • German mainsheet system with bridle – By far the most simple and yet so effective control over your mainsheet ever fitted to a keel boat, especially when sailing short handed.
  • Long bow sprit option – Allows to extend your asymmetrical spinnaker and code zero much further out giving better performance.
  • Simple tack line control – No need for a strop on the bow sprit any more, as the load on the tack line for your asymmetrical spinnaker is taken via the bow stem now.
  • Offset bow roller – Allows you to still use your anchor and pick up moorings.
  • Advanced “Prisma Process” injection laminated deck – reduced weight in deck offers greater stability when sailing, therefore the keel does not need to be as heavy to achieve high stability.
  • Twin rudder design – Exceptional control at every sailing angle, increased safety and redundancy at sea and reduces vulnerability when in shallow areas.
  • Optional square top mainsail – The ultimate twilight cruiser package!

Interior features:

  • Modern hull and Positive Sheer® – Exceptional interior comfort usually found on a larger boat and standing headroom throughout, while maintaining elegant lines.
  • Design that marries the classic look of Alpi teak with the contemporary look of slate work tops – The interior is warm, light and inviting with timeless styling.
  • Standard large hull ports and long coachroof windows – Bright natural lighting and views of the sea.
  • Wide, double doors to the forward cabin – Afford privacy when closed and contribute to the airy interior atmosphere when open.
  • Two cabin version with innovative head compartment and sail locker – Fully separate shower along with a storage compartment that accessible from the interior and from the cockpit. It can also be closed with an optional, enclosed cockpit locker and can even be fitted out with an extra single berth.
  • Available in a real three cabin version – Able to accommodate three fully closed double cabins. A feature usually reserved for larger boats.
  • Modular interior with multi-function, mobile seating and fold-up nav station – Create the best space for any particular activity on board from dining to relaxing, from looking at charts to sleeping.

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Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E27 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E26 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E25 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E24 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E23 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E22 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E21 Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E19Jeanneau-Sun-Odyssey-349-E20349 square top main