New MC31 Coming Soon to Melbourne

Within weeks of McConaghy Boats and Naval Architects: Dunning & Associates announcing the new MC31 and 38 South Boat Sales being appointed as a McConaghy agent, we are proud to announce the sale our first MC31!

Due to arrive into Sandringham Yacht Club in early September 2015, the new owner and 38 South Boat Sales Managing Director Rohan Veal, cannot wait to get the boat out on the water for club racing for the start of the season.

Veal also believes that he sees strong interest for this boat on Port Phillip Bay due its amazing value for money, excellent performance, downsizing race boat trend and only requires a crew of 6.

The MC31 follows on from the outstanding success of the MC38 One Design, that is a High Performance, Grand Prix racer that is true to it’s design brief: fun, fast, and rewarding to sail. Outstanding hull form stability, with a deep draft carbon fin and a heavy bulb combined to provide a low centre of gravity and stability that is unmatched in this size range.

The MC31 will do the same, it will sail like a much larger yacht upwind in a breeze and light up down wind like a skiff, but be stable enough to stay up right and safe. The principal behind the MC38 & MC31 class rules is to provide owners with the thrill of grand prix racing at an affordable price with the guarantee that all owners drive their own boats.

The MC31 features an unprecedented performance driven hull form, and carefully considered systems and deck layout, that enhances the sailing experience, making it ideal for one design and club racing with offshore capabilities.

“Very exciting little boats and fun to sail!”
Neville Crichton owner of MC38 Maserati, Line Honours winner of 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart with Alfa Romeo Maxi Yacht.

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The current MC38 fleet has attracted owners and crew from all levels coming from various sailing backgrounds, with every single person stepping off the boat after every sail with a smile on their face. The MC31 will be as much fun and rewarding as it’s big brother, owners and crew will find it a responsive and communicative boat to sail.

It is simple and straight forward with nothing that is not required to make it go fast, yet no expense spared on materials and quality of construction. The systems are carefully considered and thought through, with the ability to get the maximum performance out of the boat without it being over complicated or requiring a full complement of professional crew.

It has plenty of sail area, which is offset by plenty of stiffness and power, designed to go upwind solidly like a much larger boat and yet perform downwind like a high performance dinghy.

“We just had a great weekend of racing in Pittwater Australia with the relatively new MC38 fleet, we had 6 boats all campaigning at a very high level with five different winners in 7 races. They have a very light/powerful hull with a huge amount of sail area so it was no problem racing in the very light conditions.”
Ray Davies, America’s Cup Team NZ Tactician

The brief from McConaghy and Dunning to the engineers was to meet or exceed the Yachting Australia and ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Cat 2 requirements, and to engineer the stiffest and lightest structure for the best performance per dollar spent.

Exceeding the requirements of the regulations has meant that the MC31, is stiffer and stronger than required by the rules, making it a safe and more than capable offshore platform with specific consideration given to local rules which are often not considered on imported yachts.

“For those passionate one design sailors who are stepping up from Sydney38’s or Farr 40’s you won’t get more exciting racing. For those ‘stepping down’ from larger IRC racers, you won’t believe how much cheaper it is to buy and race these boats. This is first and foremost an owner driven class, and that means one thing, we are there to have fun.”
Marcus Blackmore, MC38 Hooligan, local and international title holder for TP52s

Entering into to the world of One Design racing is more than just fun on the water, its about being part of something special. With the MC38 Class Association and Rules already established, the MC31 enjoys the benefits of the experience and development of the MC38, along with the class structure and support in Australia.

The class will have a president who will be one of the owners, and to mange the strict One Design Rules. An independent rule Authority consists of Richard Slater (America’s Cup Rules Advisor and author of the MC38 and MC31 Class Rules) and Richard Hudson (experience yachtsman and Yachting New South Wales Director).

Careful consideration was put into the MC38 and MC31 Rule, many respected One Design sailors were consulted during the development process, analysing other One Design classes the Class Rules embraced what was successful in the past and eliminated the fundamental flaws.

From conception, the driving force of the MC38 and now the MC31 class have always been the following objectives:

  • Value: TP52 performance and excitement with small boat campaign costs, now available to everyone.
  • Simplicity: eliminating complexity in class rules, boat design and boat handling and excessive crew numbers.
  • Fun: exhilaration but not exhaustion, maximizing time on the water racing. Minimizing time in transport, set up, maintenance, eliminating the need for rating optimizing.
  • No arms race: control all aspects of the boat design and class rule to ensure a level playing field for all owners regardless of available budget.
  • Owner driven: Owners drive the MC31 class, not only helming their own boats, but every aspect of the class. Owners have driven the brief of the boat from day one, the specifics of the class rules, and the racing on the water.


Principle Dimensions:
LOA 9.15 m/31.00 ft
Beam 3.05 m/10.01 ft
Draft 2.60 m/8.53 ft
Displacement 1,750 kg
Keel Weight 788 kg

Spinnaker Area 122 m
Main Area 37.2 m
Jib Area 27.0 m

AU$225,000, including carbon mast/boom, 15hp Yanmar engine, sea freight, duty, GST, and commissioning.

For more information, please email Rohan @ 38southboatsales.com.au, or call on 0414 538 959.