Record Brokerage & Merry Fisher Sales

Depsite all the negative news in the press about the decline in retail sales recently, we are pleased to report that we have just recorded our best ever sales and units for brokerage boats over the last twelve months!

Since July 2013, we have been averaging 40 second hand boats sold a year with a total sales value of $4.65 million, however in the 2018/19 financial year we have recorded 64 unit sales totalling over $5.66 million.

In June 2019 alone, we sold 15 used boats, which is normally one of the quietest months of the year and therefore have no doubt that this is the strongest lead into summer that we have ever seen before.

We are also getting more and more quality brokerage listings every month, however we are also noticing that they are selling a lot faster now due to the increased cost of imported new boats and consequently, certain used boats in high demand with limited stock available, have actually increased in value over the last few years.

When we look at new boat sales over the last 12 months, we notice that yacht and inboard power boat sales have declined across Australia, however we have just recorded another record year in Merry Fisher outboard power boat sales including 5 x sales in June alone!

We expect this trend to continue over the next year, especially with the Merry Fisher 795, 895 and 1095 where we are seeing very strong interest due to the excellent value for money they offer, and look forward to upcoming Sydney Boat Show where we will have the largest display of new Jeanneau yachts and power boats ever seen in Australia!