Streetcar finishes 2nd in King Island Race

The double handed Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 owned by Aidan Geysen in Melbourne, has just finished 2nd overall on AMS in a mixed fleet and fully crewed race from Queenscliff to King Island. Aidan went on to say…

“We had a great race to KI.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the boat settled into the race.  We were powered up and everything nicely trimmed from the moment we crossed the line.  I sent Jeremy down below and checked the sails with a torch every minute or so in the first few hours of the race to make sure we were going as quick as we could, and I religiously watched for the 30 degree shift to the east that was forecast and picked it up straight away between about 3:30 – 4:00am. ”

“After that we had consistent direction and breeze of 18-21 for the whole race so was just a soldiers course from there and all about sail trim.  I went a slightly different way down KI to avoid the worst of the flooding tide but looking at the tracker and our progress versus Wild Side (Sydney 36cr) it made absolutely no difference for better or worse.”

“We were neck and neck when we went west, and we rejoined right on their stern.  2nd place against a full list of Melbourne’s ocean racing competition was a great result for us!  The last two races and our wins in the Geelong race (25-30 on the nose) and 3rd in Apollo Bay which was 15 on the nose, indicates the boat can win in both close hauled races and on a reach.”

Streetcar is also currently for sale with 38 South Boat Sales for $155,000 and ideal for anyone interested in getting seriously involved in short handed racing.Street_Car_2