Sun Odyssey 440 Production Sold Out in 3 weeks!

Before the prototypes have even been displayed at a Boat Show anywhere in the World, the sensational new Sun Odyssey 440 has sold out the entire first years planned production in no less than three weeks! Luckily three boats were reserved for Australian customers and all three have already been sold!

The next available ex-factory production slot for Australia is now out to October 2018, so that means delivery for Christmas/New Year of 2018 delivered here.

There is no question that the Sun Odyssey 440 is a game-changer and the first of a whole new breed of cruising yachts using the latest thinking in hull, deck and rig design. Movement around the deck is unmatched with the extraordinary inclined side-decks, never before seen. However, the functionality of the cockpit is excellent, movement around the fore-deck easy, and with the boom lower on the mast putting the mainsail away is a breeze.

A fresh look at how to use the remarkable interior volume of this new generation hull offers a layout more in keeping with a much larger vessel, and while being sophisticated and modern is still a true yacht.

Check out the link below for a walk through on the boat…