Trade a Boat mag reviews the Jeanneau Leader 10

Trade a Boat magazine recently took the Jeanneau Leader 10 out for a test and Kevin Smith came away impressed.

“A few issues back, we put the latest Cap Camarat 8.5 Centre Console through its paces. These boats are manufactured by Jeanneau in France and are quite something. The builder’s powerboat range is new to Australia and judging by what they have on offer it’s no doubt the brand is going to become a common sight on our waters. Not only does it manufacture trailerable powerboats but also some very classy larger vessels up to 36ft in length. The latest model being showcased and up for test was its Leader 10 — an absolute head-spinner and a top performer.

A combination of sharp and soft lines with elegant finer touches, an open, summery layout and all the creature comforts of a luxury boat make the Leader 10 the perfect manageably-sized entertainer for both young and old.

Now whether you are just window shopping or in the market for a boat in this category, I think we all tend do the same thing — we find something that looks appealing (read – appeals to the wife) then go straight to the price. If money is no issue then that’s great and you can shop around until you find the perfect boat, but if it is, as in many cases, you have to get the best out of what you can afford.

Looking at the new Leader 10, well, at a first glance it appeared it would to irrepearable damage to the bank account, but I was pleasantly surprised when I popped the price question.

I was expecting an answer between 500K and a million, considering the package and with it being a French import. Well my judgement was way off — this executive machine comes in at $379,000 as tested with all the bells and whistles, which personally seems more like a pre-owned kind of price rather than new.”

“This is one of those boats you have to see for yourself simply because there are just way too many features to mention.”

Download the full test here…